Ephraim Church of the Bible
Sermons from Daniel






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  04-25-2021      Daniel intro  Introduction to Daniel MP3 text MP3
  05-02-2021     Daniel 1:1-4 Confidence in a Faithful God MP3 text MP3
  05-09-2021     Daniel 1:1-8 Train Up Your Children MP3 text MP3
  05-16-2021     Daniel 1:8 The Importance of the Trivial  MP3 text MP3
  05-23-2021     Daniel 1:8-21 The Grace of God in Affliction MP3 text MP3
  05-30-2021     Daniel 2:1-16 The Wisdom of God and Foolishness of Man MP3 text MP3
  06-06-2021     Daniel 2:17-23 The Power of Prayer and Necessity of Praise MP3 text MP3
  06-13-2021     Daniel 2:24-30 The Humility of the Messenger  MP3 text MP3
  06-20-2021     Daniel 2:21-43 The Times of the Gentiles MP3 text MP3
  06-27-2021     Daniel 2:44-45 The Kingdom Crushing Stone MP3 text MP3
  07-11-2021     Daniel 2:46-59 The Marks of True Conversion MP3 text MP3
  07-18-2021     Daniel 3:1-12 Making a Name for Ourselves MP3 text MP3